dinsdag 19 april 2011

LH activation

Last week I was enjoying a family holiday in Normandie. The last few years we travel by camper so there is always an opportunity to activate an island or lighthouse. Last week between several museum visits, there was time to activate 2 lighthouses. LH FRA-080 in Cap Levy and LH FRA-220 in Cap D'antifier.
As antenne I used again the trusted combo : 13m fishing rod and the CG-3000 tuner with 6 radials. Logged about 500 stations. Many W, VE, JA and even 1 ZL.
More pics: click here

LH FRA-220

Good antenne support for the fishing rod

LH FRA-080, Cap Levy

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  1. He, tof zeg
    Had ik dat geweten, was zelf vorige week /p met de fishrod