maandag 21 maart 2011

A fresh pile of QSL cards

The last few weeks were pretty busy so there wasn't much time to operate the radio. 4A4A almost slipped through my fingers but I was lucky to work them on 15m CW. An all time new one for me. While the SFI dropped faster then the NYSE, bandconditions are still very good. Even saw some 10M FM spots on the cluster.
As the lowband season is almost finished I took down the lowband antenna while enjoying the first spring sun.
Hope to come up with a better 80m solution next year. Ideas are welcome, please include a way to convince the girlfriend in the drawings ;-)

Also want to share a few QSL cards
Having good ears helps....W8QZA (Maine) was heard on the beverage with his K2 and 5W

Karl, ON5TN @ Princess Elisabeth station on Antartica. Worked Karl on 40m CW

I was one of the last guys who made it into the log. Keywords :bad weather, broken bones and even a crashed car. Thanks for the QSL guys!

dinsdag 8 maart 2011

ARRL CW contest 2011

The score of my arrl effort.

 Band    QSOs    Pts  Sec
   3,5     308     924   45
     7     286     858   40
    14     776    2328   56
    21     205     615   33
    28       1      3    1
 Total    1576    4728  175
Score: 827.400

Logging : N1MM
greatest experience : Optibeam 80m 1 elem & 270m beverage
New hardware : ON7FU balun, built to last.
KLM KT34A 20m : Killer antenna
KLM KT34A 15m : so so antenna
Homebrew : 40m dipole with fishing rods
Bingo : 80m multi's NV, OR and WA.
Ouch moment : the snooze button  ;-)
To bad: missed the 10m opening on saterday
Fun : Sunday evening, nice runs with many west- and midwest stations in the log.
Missed : A 160m antenna....
Hope: Lot's of these contacts will be confirmed (either via paper or LOTW)