maandag 22 november 2010

Cushcraft MA4080

If you live on a small city lot there aren't many options for lowband antennas. After doing some research only 2 options made it to the shortlist. The cushcraft MA4080 or the butternut HF-2V.
A couple of weeks ago a collegue at work sold his nearly new cushcraft, so I went for the first option. After 3 weeks taking dust in the garage I finally found some time to install the antenna, right on time for the CQ WW CW contest. Will not participate in the 2010 eddition but hope to work some new ones on 40 and 80.

The next few days I'll try to add several radials and built an HF choke balun for the lowbands. (diameter 20cm)
Enjoy the picture. The cushcraft makes a nice pair with the tower and hexbeam.

73s, Franky

woensdag 3 november 2010

My first Iraq QSL card

In early april of this year, N6PSE organised a trip to Iraq. YI is not that rare but it's not so easy to get the contacts confirmed. With 10 operators, over 50K QSOs were made. Check out their website, you'll see they were well prepared and had top notch opeators and equipment.
Some well know DX'ers like N6OX and FM5CD participated and made it easy to work them. Thanks for the 7 QSOs guys, and the great looking QSL card.

73s, Frank