dinsdag 7 december 2010


After not working ZL8X I asked myself several questions:
Do I have to question the hexbeam? Need I more power? Do I have the right skills? Do I....  Instead of getting a box of prozac I got back behind the radio and chased down the Belgian 9Q DXpedition. Worked them 6 times so far. They are really loud even on 40m.
While doing my daily check on "the" DXers website I read that Jan, DL7JANhttp://www.qsl.net/dl7jan/ is preparing a new trip. He will sign J79AN from NA-101, the island of dominica starting 23 february. For those who don't know Jan, Jan is a top notch operator with 330 countries confirmed. He masters CW, SSB and digi. Worked Jan several times on his previous trips as HB0, CT8, 7P and V88. He's a very good and fast QSL'er too. He's often on frequency and his call is logged during all my /P activities. The picture below is taken in the entrance hall at the Friedrichshafen hamradio event in June 2010.

73s & gd DX.

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