dinsdag 26 oktober 2010

Thanks Bodo, DL3OCH

Maybe the call DL3OCH doens't sound that familiar, but you propably worked Bodo as 5N0OCH. Last week I sended him my QSLs for his Nigerian operation and included the QSL for his trips to KH0 and KH2 earlier this year. The last twe entities where new ones for me. In the mail I included a voucher for a free beer @ the Friedrischshafen hamfest. I owe him a beer after he logged met 13 times (8 bands and 3 modes) in Nigeria. I received a nice mail back from Bodo....he really like the idea of a "free beer voucher" and confirmed his presence for the 2011 event. 2 days later the QSLs were in the mail.

Bodo made a video from his 5N operation, you'll find it here. Watch out for the very addictive song!

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